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Steven Barnard was born in 1649, the son of Robert and Joanna Barnard . Robert and his brother, Thomas came to America in 1640 and settled at Andover, Massachussetts. Thomas was one of the original ten owners of Nantucket Island, purchased from the Indians. The first ten were allowed each to pick another, and Thomas picked his brother, Robert. Thomas was later killed by Indians at Salisbury, Mass. Robert lived on Nantucket and died there. Steven married Rebeccah Howe and they had at least one son, James. Steven died in 1722 at Andover, Mass.
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Steven and Rebeccah Barnard Family

Children of Steven and Rebeccah Barnard

James B. 28 December 1686 M. Abigail WILSON; 21 Jun 1716 D. 1752